There are, without a doubt, quite a few things I lie awake at night wondering about. Some of them are quite mundane. Some of them are just a bit weird. A couple would probably make a psychiatrist start taking notes, but not one of them has ever been: "I wonder what the theme from The Simpsons looks like as a road layout"

Yes, that’s right, there is now a website that can finally answer the all-important question, that nobody in the history of human existence has ever, ever, wondered about.

And that's why we love the Internet, isn't it?

At you mark out a road layout, add trees, lampposts, flowers and other bits and pieces and then drop a couple of cars on to the roads and they play music. Each object they pass or encounter plays a different sound and you can create real music. Or, like I've done quite a few times now, just a nightmarish cacophonous multi-vehicle pile-up.

It's hours of fun and just about the most pointless thing we’ve come across in quite a while.

Needless to say, we're all completely hooked.

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