Best gaming apps for Android

It's Android Week on Pocket-lint and that means we'll be bringing you all the latest info on Google's robot-flavoured OS, as well as a daily round-up of the best apps around. We've already taken a look at the best Android apps for getting out and about in the sunny weather and today we're looking at gaming apps.

Don't worry, you won't find Angry Birds here, because these ones are all paid-for, so get your piggybank ready. It's also worth remembering that you can get a refund on any Android app within 24 hours of downloading it, so if you don't like it then you can always get your money back.

Assassin's Creed


This historical action adventure game has made big bucks on the major consoles and now you can play it on your smartphone too thanks to this reasonably priced app. You take on the role of elite assassin Altair whose mission is to kill eight men in order to put an end to the Third Crusade in 1191 A.D. Jerusalem.

With a winning combination of stealth, action and problem-solving, along with four historical environments to explore, this game is certainly more challenging than some of the other games on offer and is must-have for fans of the original. If you find yourself wearing out your phone battery playing this one then you might want to check out Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on the Xbox on PS3.

Big Cup Cricket


This one's been around on iOS for a while now, but it recently made its way to Android just in time for the Cricket World Cup. Gameplay is similar to the original version, so you'll still get the challenge mode as well as the usual training drills and the tournaments where you can choose the level of difficulty. To play, you swipe the screen screen, which takes some mastering, in order to bat, bowl and field.

This one is very addictive, and not badly priced for such a decent game. Let's just hope that you do better than England did on the Sub-continent.

Flight Control


This is a very simple game but thanks to Namco's cool graphics and a bargain price tag it has proved to be one of the most popular gaming apps around. The aim of the game is guide various planes safely to their runways without any catastrophic mishaps. As you move up through the game, the number of aircraft rises making it trickier each time. Surprising as it sounds, that's really all there is to it.

It might not sound like the most fun in the world, but it really is a shockingly addictive game that could well rob you of hours of your otherwise sane life.



It's hard to hear, or even read the word 'Tetris' without that infuriatingly catchy theme song going though your mind. This is a perfect game to play on a smartphone, as the graphics are clear, bright and simple and there are only a couple of controls needed. Plus it only takes seconds to learn how to play, unlike some of the more complicated games around.

There are several play modes to choose from including the speedy Marathon mode, and you can even listen to a catchy remix of the famous theme tune during breaks in play. This brightly coloured treat of a game is an essential, both for hardcore gaming fans and casual gamers alike.

Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave


This RPG has been designed for use on Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play (although you should be able to play it on any Android 2.1 handset) and as the name suggests, it's the second iteration of the Dungeon Defenders Android title. You can take on the role of one of four Hero classes (including a fighter, ranger and magic user) and battle invading creatures by using a variety of towers and traps throughout your castle.

With bright graphics and impressive gameplay this certainly has the feel of a proper game and not just something that's been swiftly knocked up for playing on your Android handset. If you don't want to play on your own then you can hook up to the online player mode.


Galaxy on Fire 2


This one is not only optimized for the Xperia Play, it's actually exclusive to Sony Ericsson's new gaming handset. You play space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell. Despite having the unlikely hero's name of Keith, the protaganist embarks on an intergalactic trek in order to uncover the the truth about a deadly alien race and put a stop to their dastardly plans.

Keith is joined along the way be old friends that help him on his mission deep in enemy space where he has to vanquish the pesky aliens before he can find his way home. With 20 solar systems and 100 space stations to explore, you should get plenty of playtime for your pennies.




Worms made its debut in 1995 on the Amiga, but has since wriggled its way onto most other gaming platforms and has now been optimized for playing on Android handsets. The idea is nice and simple - you and your team of worms must use all of the weaponry at your disposal to destroy your rival teams. The goal is to be the last worm standing.

This classic game lets you fight out your worm-based battles on various skill levels from Easy to Insane and there's also plenty of funny dialogue and cool character-based animation to keep you amused.


Reckless Racing


The developers recommend that you you play this one on a high-end Android device and you'll really want the highest spec screen possible to get the best out of it. A dirt-road racing game, the app will have you skidding about on rugged racetracks as you move up the levels from Bronze through to silver and up to Gold.

You can take on a cast of hillbillies including Otis, Lurlene, Cletus, Floyd, and Bubba and you can also use the online player mode to take on opponents from all over the world.  The game also has chat functionality built in so that you can converse with your new-found gaming chums.


Zenonia 2


This is the second generation of classic action RPG Zenonia, and includes four new characters - Lu, the paladin, Ecne, the shooter, Morpice, the magician and Daza the warrior, each with their own special skiils and combat tricks. The sequel has also been given a new interface for customizing characters with more than 1,200 new items which you can use to change your character's appearance or boost their fighting statistics.

There are also plenty of new landscapes to explore with new terrain and you can also engage in player vs player battles in a selection of arenas.


Guitar Hero 6


This is the latest version of the famous game franchise and is one for all your budding axemeisters out there. It's been optimized for use on the Xperia Play, but you can also play on other Android phones (anthing with 2.0 and up). Including tunes from the likes of the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Slash, the game uses the familiar fretboard layout with colour-coded notes incoming all the time.

Guitar Hero 6 is also known as Warriors of Rock and includes a Career/Quest Mode where your task is to save the Demigod of Rock from a mechanical creature known only as The Beast. To do this you recruit characters by playing a selection of songs from their related genre. If it all sounds preposterous, that's because it is, but don't let that put you off. This is a must for any Android phone-toting Guitar Hero fan.


Flick Kick Football


The idea behind this rather addictive app is to score as many goals as possible to stay in the game. You can shoot at goal by swiping the screen and bending it like Beckham. Shooting at certain areas is classed as the Skill Zone, which earns you extra lives to keep you in the game for longer. It's all quite easy until the moving goalies and defenders start getting in the way.

The Roy of the Rovers-style animation is enough to keep you interested before you even start on the flick-based gameplay, making this a great little game that you're bound to spend way too much time playing.

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