Joonas Jokinen is fast becoming an Internet sensation, and it's easy to see why. Unlike Rebecca Black and her "worse pop song ever", Friday, the under-16 Finnish footballer's exploits are becoming famous for his talent rather a Twitter marketing stunt.

The young player, who plays for FC Baar in Switzerland, has a rather interesting way of taking a penalty, and while we don't want to spoil it for you - you should really watch the video - it's by far the best footy clip we've seen in a long time.

You certainly wouldn't want to have been the goalie for FC Sempach.

Now, if only all penalties were taken this way, nobody would mind the World Cup being decided on them.

And, what's the betting that this will appear as a "What Happened Next?" on A Question of Sport? Possibly without the over-enthusiastic swearing.

It wasn't Wayne Rooney, after all.