Anybody who's ever been to London, and spent any real time there, will know only too well how quickly the novelty of its public transport system wears off. You're either left forlornly staring into the gaping mouth of an empty tunnel for hours on end or you're packed into 40-year-old carriages like sardines. The buses aren't much better either.

So it's not all that surprising that has popped with the novel aim of turning the drudgery of the daily commute into an online game.

Players sign up and give their home and destination Tube stations, as well as their Oyster prepay card and cycle hire details. The system then tracks their progress across the sprawling metropolis. The game also adds in extra challenges in the form of specific tasks and missions, with each successfully completed challenge earning points.

There's a team element too, so this could be the talk of many a city office very soon.

It'll certainly add a little something to the average Northern Line experience for most people.

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