We at Pocket-lint are into our tech in a serious way. But even we aren't too proud to admit that the source coding and circuitry required to get a RC car moving using gestures on an iPad, or in thin air (using a Kinect), are way above our heads.

The iPad version is based on HTML 5 and uses the iPad's accelerometer, that much we understand, and the Kinect setup uses a similar method, and utilises the same C# application, that dispatches instructions over the serial port. And from thereon-in, we're simply nodding and pretending to follow.

What we do know is it's a pretty cool mish-mash of tech.

The team behind the mod are also planning on using similar techniques for a radio-controlled helicopter version, as well as a double handed, double car set up.

You can read the full, complicated details on their site over at Gauravmanek.com.