Adobe has revealed another one of the iPad app concepts detailed by John Loiacono, the company's senior vice president for Digital Media Solutions, at this year's Photoshop World Orlando keynote, and it promises to turn Apple's device into an essential tool for designers everywhere.

Cunningly simple in theory, the Color Mixing app turns a conventional iPad or iPad 2 in to a paint palette, allowing the user to blend and create new digital colours in the same way an artist would mix oil paints.

The end result could then be sent as a swatch to Photoshop CS5 on a Mac or PC, ready to be used in a design.

Adobe's own Photoshop blog also sees potential beyond the mere mixing of hues: "While mixing paints with a finger tip is definitely a great experience on a tablet device, the greater potential we see is the ability to interact with Photoshop and for the tablet itself to speak to our software," it says.

We may never see the raw Color Mixing iPad app come to fruition, but we'd put money on something coming from it into the consumer world.

What other design tools would you like to see on the iPad? Let us know in the comments below...

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