What did you do the last time you had five minutes to kill? If you're an iPhone user I reckon it might've featured some Angry Birds, or maybe a quick Facebook update. Maybe you called your Mum. And that's a good thing to do. But what if you'd chosen to really make a difference?

Orange has just launched an app for that. Yep, the mobile phone people are moving into mobilizing their customers into doing good deeds with their smartphones. The app is called Do Some Good and you can choose one of a selection of quick actions, which will help charities in one way or another

If you're too busy to volunteer for your favourite good cause or you're watching the pennies in these fiscally challenging times, this is just the ticket.

Each task takes mere minutes to complete and you even get music reward through the Orange partnership with RockCorps.

Find out everything you need to know at www.dosomegood.orange.co.uk.com and download the app from the App store. Nokia and Android are on the way soon too.

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