Uploading and editing pictures online, without the need for expensive and complicated desktop software, is not exactly new.

But there’s something about www.lunapic.com that appeals, mainly due to its simplicity.

We get the feeling this is aimed at the novice user – those new to the online experience. That said, the suite of tools available is far from basic. It’s just that the clear options and straightforward layout make editing, customising and exporting your favourite images an absolute doddle. You can create some very sophisticated effects through very simple selectable options.

Direct links to the most popular social networks make sharing your creations easy too.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s definitely a useful little bookmark.

The LunaPic API is also available free for developers, so if you’re a bit handy with the HTML, you can add the effects to your own online application.

Nice to see something being given away for nothing for a changee.

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