APP OF THE DAY: Guitar World Lick of the Day review (iPhone/iPad)

Everyone has been raving about Apple's new GarageBand for iPad app and rightly so as it's the most comprehensive music app around. What's more, you can put a tune together even if you're seriously lacking in musical talent, thanks to the virtual instruments on screen. For those that want an app that's a little closer to the real deal, this neat offering from axe mag Guitar World may just fit the bill.

Guitar World Lick of the Day (iPhone/iPad)

iOS 3.0 or later
Free+in-app subscription

This clever app offers a list of available licks for you to choose from, which you download within the app. You're then presented with a tutorial video from one of Guitar World's award-winning instructors or celeb axe-wielders like Zakk Wylde and Joe Satriani. You'll also get written performance notes explaining how to play the lick, along with scrolling musical notation.


You can choose between a standard music stave or guitar tab, and there's also a virtual fretboard displayed beneath the music (which can be inverted for the lefties among you). There's also a handy practice mode where you can alter the settings to control various features like music notation tempo, looping and a metronome.

The app itself is free so that can download it a have a sneak peek to see if it suits you. You'll get several free licks and you'll receive more from time to time as well. However, if you want to get the full benefit then you'll need to shell out for a subscription that will guarantee you one new guitar lick per day. You can purchase a one-, three- or six-month subscription, priced at £1.19, £2.99 and £5.99 respectively. A great deal for any iDevice-toting gee-tar aficionados who want to expand their repotoire.