Best Royal Wedding gadgets

Whether you're a royalist or a republican, if you live in the UK then you'll know all about the Royal Wedding that's on the horizon. On Friday 29 April, heir to the throne HRH Prince William will tie the knot with Kate Middleton and manufacturers and retailers have been wasting no time in getting their themed merchandise ready for the royal nuptials.

Although Buckingham Palace has confirmed that The Royal Wedding won't be broadcast in 3D, that doesn't mean that you won't be able to get your fix of Wills and Kate on your gadgets. No, sir. There's plenty to get your mitts on including everything from a Union Jack radio to a fridge bearing portraits of Wills and Kate. Yes - a fridge. So, without further ado, here's a rundown of the latest royal wedding-themed gadgets for your consumption. Dine well...

To make sure that you don't miss out, we'll be keeping this page updated with the latest wedding-related gizmos.

Royal Wedding Edition Alcatel One Touch

If you're a keen collector of royal tat, then where better to start than a good ol' mobile phone. The Alcatel One Touch will be available through the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy (although surprisingly not through Royal Warrant holder Fortnum & Mason) and sports a design that's sure to please any staunch royalist (or chav).

And if you thought that the Union Jack fascia, and the inclusion of the happy couple's initials and wedding date on the back weren't tacky enough, then rest safe in the knowledge that it also includes Mendelssohn's Wedding March as the ringtone. Yours for £15.


GE Royal Wedding fridge

If you're feeling like there's something missing in your life, then The Royal Wedding special-edition GE GIU21XGYFKB American style refrigerator could well be it. Allegedly created in response to its Facebook followers' suggestions, this towering beast is lovingly adorned with the smiling faces of Prince William and Ms Middleton. They must be chuffed.

This specific range of refrigeration from GE has been designed so that it can be personalised for each customer. Absolutely perfect for people with lots of money and a big kitchen. And an unhealthy fixation with the heir to the throne. Price depends on the options you choose, but it will be around £2,000.

Case-Mate iPhone Cases

Someone had to do it. These may be some of the first Royal Wedding iPhone cases that we've seen, but they're unlikely to be the last. Case-Mate is offering four wedding-themed cases to keep your Apple handset safe from harm, if not from ridicule.

There are four designs to choose from including a pale blue version bearing the couple's initials and a slightly more punk-rock deisgn featuring a union jack and an edgey, slightly lop-sided typeface. These little beauties are based on the brand's Barely There cases and will set you back £29.99 of your hard-earned cash.

Roberts Union Jack Revival Radio

While many manufacturers have gone for a decidedly tacky angle for their royal wedding merchandise, Roberts Radio has simply spruced up one of its popular Revival radios for the occasion. Along with the usual retro-styled leather finish, the new DAB and FM radio is emblazoned with a bold Union Jack design.

Initially crafted as a one-off for a newspaper piece about Royal Warrant holders (of which Roberts Radio is one), the company got such a good response that it decided to produce a limited number of the radios to commemorate the wedding of year. The radio is coming soon with a £200 price tag.


USBCELL Souvenir Special

Who said that Royal Wedding souvenirs couldn't be practical? Not us, and certainly not eco-concious brand Moixa which is offering a special edition of its USBCELL battery that can be charged via USB.

This sensible, if slightly odd gadget, is decorated with the words William and Kate with a big, red love heart in the middle and the year underneath. As each battery can be recharged hundreds of times, this is one wedding souvenir that will last a while and it only costs £10.99.


Oyster card

Transport for London (TFL) is to mark the happy occassion by offering 750,000 special Oyster cards. Featuring a portrait of Prince William and his bride-to-be, the commemorative card will be on sale in the week leading up to the wedding on 29 April 2011, with the normal £5 and £5 minimum top-up fee in place.

The special edition Oyster card follows tradition as a unique ticket was produced by TFL's predecessor London Transport in 1981 to celebrate the marriage of William's parents, Charles and Diana.


Proporta smartphone pouch

Accessory brand Proporta is bringing some bling to the nuptials with the launch of its gold Union Jack smartphone pouch. Crafted from leather, the case doesn't include any mention of the happy couple of the date of the wedding, just the UK flag - so you won't feel like quite such a ninny if you want to carry on using it after the big day.  

The pouch can accomodate various handsets including the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire and there's also a slot for keeping business cards, credit cards or your royal wedding edition Oyster card.


Union Jack coffee table

Invited to Will and Kate's wedding on 29 April and don't know what to get them as a present? Why not splurge on the Illuminated Coffee Table currently being sold through Firebox? It's made of stainless steel with a lit toughened glass top and also sports a neon underlight a Subaru Impreza would be proud of.

Of course, you'd have to find £2,000 and buy almost the equivalent in wrapping paper as it's a healthy 1140mm x 770mm, so it might be an idea to take Firebox up on that gift wrapping service.

If you're keen on the table, but the flag is a little too OTT for your tastes, manufacturer Suck UK can build a version just for you, with bespoke graphics under the illuminated face plate. And it also sports dimmer controls to set the mood just right for a little royal romance and, if you don't have any suitable company, there's a power point in the leg for a laptop or the like.


The Royal Wedding app

Yes, there will even be an app for that as well. According to details sent to us by the Royal Collection - that’s the division of the Royal household that deals with these kinds of things - the new Royal Wedding application will tell the story of seven royal nuptials from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840, to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in 2005. No word on whether they'll be updating with media from 29 April at a later date.

The Royal Weddings app, which will be available in eight languages, is the first in a series of Royal Collection Apps to be launched this year. Highlights of the app include the sapphire and diamond brooch given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert on the day of their wedding and a sketch of Queen Victoria’s wedding cake, which is said to have measured over 9 feet (3 metres) in circumference and weighed over 300lbs (140kg) as did the person who scoffed the lot. Allegedly. It's priced at £1.79 and will be available to download for Apple and Android phones from 18 April.



William & Kate: The Movie

Not strictly a gadget, but this one is just too good (well, bad) to leave out. As the name suggests, this is a US-made TV movie of the love story between Wills and Kate, acted out mostly by a cast of unknowns. Whether it will stay true to the real story remains to be seen, but judging by the trailer, it looks like it will be hilariously bad.

It'll be on TV in the US on 18 April and on 24 April in the UK (15.55 on Channel 5). If you're planning on having a boozy Royal wedding tea party with your mates, then we recommend you kit yourself out with a copy of the DVD, out on 25 April for £6.49.



Knomo Union Jack diamond laptop sleeve

Another one for fans of bling, and for those with a fair bit of spare cash lying around, this sparkly laptop case from Knomo is covered in "diamond-esque" jewels. Naturally, they're not real diamonds as that would make the case preposterously expensive, but at 130 notes, it's still not exactly cheap.

If you're fed up of your boring old laptop bag or you happen to be a particularly flamboyant patriot with a penchant for rhinestone then this is most definitely the royal wedding souvenir for you. It it helps your buying decision in any way, apparently Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Fraser from Girls Aloud have the same diamond sleeve in black.


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