Oh, how we love this. It’s made us all teary-eyed and nostalgic for those heady first days of the internet when you typed a few words into a box and the screen spat back a load of information. It was like magic.

Obviously, things have moved on and we know it's not magic anymore, so it’s nice when we come across things like qwiki.com, a new way of getting your information fix that brings a smile and a sense of wonderment.

Type in a topic - any topic - and Qwiki runs off to the darkest corners of Wikipedia and comes back with a narrative on what you’ve searched for, complete with any multimedia content it can find.

It turns simple information into stories and, despite the slightly robotic voice, makes it all feel quite human and approachable.

This is in alpha stages at the moment, so it will only get smarter and more intuitive, but it’s already a thing of wonder as far as we’re concerned.

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