iPad 2: Three offers mighty 15GB monthly data

Three has announced its price plans for the iPad 2, which it will be stocking in select stores up and down the country from 5pm today (25 March) - launch day. And the biggest surprise is that it has comfortably trumped all rivals by offering a staggering 15GB data limit per month on a 24-month contract.

Data plans are set at a standard £25 per month, for 24 months, similar to rivals, T-Mobile and Orange. Vodafone is charging £24.50pm to existing customers, £27pm to new ones, while O2's tariffs are the same with the original iPad as it isn't currently offering a cut price device package (£2.04 daily - 200MB, £10.21 monthly - 1GB, £15.32 monthly - 2GB).

However, Three is offering more data for the money, with the aforementioned 15GB per month, in comparison to the 2GB from Vodafone, and 1GB busy/1GB quiet time plans of Orange and T-Mobile.

The device is more expensive initially, as Three is charging £229 upfront for the 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G version (regardless of colour), £279 for the 32GB model, and £379 for the 64GB.

It also seems that there are no free Wi-Fi deals attached.

Check out the prices and details for yourself, as well as a list of Three stores that are stocking the iPad 2 this afternoon, at www.three.co.uk/Mobile_Broadband/iPad/iPad_2_plans.

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