We’re almost there, people. We’re almost there. Just a few more hours of Friday to get through and then it’s the weekend.

And if, like us Pocket-Linters, one thing that will you through the next days is the sound of music, then let us recommend www.tunecrank.com, particularly if you’re in the mood for something a bit different.

Tune Crank scours the web for the best independent music, then ranks it and streams it for anybody to enjoy.

If you’re into up-and-coming bands and the sounds of the future, this is a great place to satisfy your musical appetites. It’s also good to know that the ranking are 100% legitimate – they’re not manipulated in any way – it’s all based on fair exposure, so you know you don’t have any faceless record company moguls trying to foist “the next big thing” on you.

Even if you’re not an indie fan, some of the band names on display should be enough to offer a bit of entertainment.

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