The choice of tablets on the market at the moment is quite staggering when you think how new the form factor actually is; and with the imminent arrival of the iPad 2 in the UK choosing the right device is about to get a whole lot trickier.

So in order to keep you in the know, we're highlighting this deal from Asda which is offering up a Samsung Galaxy Tab for £299.

The Galaxy Tab is a decent all rounder, but is now the oldest member of the Samsung tablet family so the price reflects its age - although saying that it was only unveiled in September of last year.

It'll come with the Android 2.2 OS, not the latest version but it should still do the job, and a 7-inch, 1024 x 600, TFT-LCD display - not only this but you can also use it as a massive phone.

Worth thinking about for the money, so for full details and a place to buy follow this handy link to Asda.