This has got to be one of the best gifts you could ever consider giving. It really doesn’t matter who you actually buy this for, the end result is the same: somewhere in the world people get to live. It’s that simple.

The Midomo Initiative is a plan to use cutting edge water purification equipment to bring clean, plentiful drinking water to the driest, poorest corners of the globe. One way they fund this activity is through selling jewellery. And not just any old jewellery, but contemporary charm bracelets designed by the hip gold and silversmith Alex Monroe. Sounds a bit off the wall, right? But it’s about the smartest fundraising thing we reckon we’ve seen in a while.

Buy the bracelet and give it to somebody you care about. At the same time show the world you care by literally saving lives.

If there’s a better gift than that, we’re all ears.

Buy your bracelet at

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