“The best of the web”. It’s a bold claim, but there are countless sites out there that claim to offer just that. Maybe some of them come close too, but the “best of” anything is pure subjectivity. There aren’t too many sites that claim to offer the best of the web, as far as you’re concerned.

Maybe montage.cloudapp.net is a solution worth exploring though. You type in topic you’re interested in and Montage builds you a personalised page full to bursting with the latest online content it can find, all about your chosen topic.

It picks up RSS, YouTube, Twitter and news feeds and presents the results as a one of half a dozen layouts that you can choose from.

You can create your own or browse through other people’s. Either way, this is a great way to quickly catch up on the latest news on just about anything, and we reckon this could be a firm favourite in many people’s bookmarks very soon.

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