VIDEO: Disneyland Paris - Tilt Shift stylee

While there's been Tilt Shift-style videos created for Disney's Magic Kingdom and Epcot in Florida over the pond, we've seen nothing like it for Disneyland Paris. Until now.

Created to celebrate the Disney Magical Moments Festival kicking off on 6 April, the special video clip was created using 4,000 photographs from a pool of 125,000 taken over a seven month period. They have been stitched together as the frames of the short movie, over-saturated and blurred further (from the originals) to give the impression that it's a miniature village.

Of course, with the colour schemes of Disney structures, we doubt they had to do too much.

We've also posted the original Tilt Shift vids below. Let us know what you think, and which one is best in the comments...