Sometimes, my head is just brimming with ideas. Amazing labour-saving devices and clever new mechanical gadgets that will change the world and make my fortune.

The only trouble is, I have no idea how to go about actually creating these wonderful things. Part of the problem (and admittedly, it's the biggest part) is that I have all the manual dexterity of a tranquillised rhino. The other part is that I have never known where to go to get all the bits and pieces I'd need to start on my prototypes.

That's all changed now that I've been shown It is full to bursting with weird and wonderful materials and components perfect for just about any application you can possibly dream up. Conductive fabrics, gearless hinges, shatterproof glass- USB rechargeable batteries - all sorts of amazing products.

So now I'm all set to get going with my inventions. If I can just figure out how to open all the packaging...

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