APP OF THE DAY: Running late review (WP7)

It’s always nice to feature a Windows Phone 7 app when we can. The Microsoft mobile platform has just passed the 10,000 milestone, so in celebration we’re bringing you one of the more inane, amusing and slightly useful apps that you’ll find on the list. Its name?

Running Late



Windows Marketplace

The premise of Running Late is that it’s a quick way to inform anyone you need to that you’re going to be late for a certain occasion - probably work. But instead of having to mail or message people individually, you can just hit them up all at the same time at the touch of a button either through your e-mail inbox or via SMS. What’s more, it’ll even randomly generate an excuse for you, so that you neither have to use your noodle to dream up something yourself or bother to type it.

Naturally, this is where the amusement comes in and it’s largely up to you how racy you wish to be depending upon how comfortable you feel at work/how secure your job is. The excuses range from a fairly sedate “I’m stuck in traffic” to a more revealing “My hemorrhoids feel as if they’ve been dipped in jalapeno juice”. Our favourite, though, has to be the succinct and effective “I got my foot stuck in my butt”. Nobody's going to argue with that. Nobody even wants to think about it.

Whatever you choose, naturally, there’s a large amount of novelty to this purchase which makes it a good thing that it’s not a purchase at all. It’s free. Like the birds or discarded takeaway chips on the pavement. So, perhaps if you do decide to download it, the real fun is how far dare you go.

“My date last night left me chained to the, I don’t need any help, I’ve almost got the headboard free.”

Too far?

Are there any apps that you think deserve to be App of the Day? Let us know in the comments, peeps.