This is either brilliant or an example of people with too much time on their hands, but this viral video shows that it's possible to hook up the Sony Netbox (SMP-N100) to any television, including a 1960s colour set.

Although it must have cost the equivalent of the national deficit of Finland at the time, there's not much use for a knackered antique TV these days, with its tubes, scan lines and less than standard definition. However, with a bit of jiggery pokery, and some custom conversion of the Scart output (to RF, presumably), it's found a new lease of life as a fully-connected, Internet-ready smart TV.

Everything that's available through the SMP-N100 can be accessed and viewed, such as YouTube, iPlayer and Qriocity, although we wonder if they also managed to get audio working, seeing as the stereo Scart output would have to be downmixed to mono for the telly speaker? Maybe that's why a cheesy music score has been added to the vid.

Either way, it's a cool experiment mixing the old with the new. Now, where's that teasmade? Think about it, iGoblin... You know it makes sense.

Or perhaps not.