There are loads of great reasons to buy your holidays online. You generally get the best prices, you can tailor your trip to your exact needs, and you don’t have to sit opposite a spotty travel agent who’s trying (and failing) to sound enthusiastic about selling you a fortnight in Magaluf.

But one of the best things, is that most online travel firms give you an itinerary, usually in the form of a confirmation email. If you’re web-savvy, you’ll have shopped around to get the best deals on the different bits of your holiday and now will take all those confirmations and turn them into a single itinerary for your whole trip.

It’s like having your very own holiday rep organising your every move. But without the stench of alcopops, the nylon uniform and the risk of catching something you wouldn’t tell your Mum about (if the TV docusoaps are to be believed at any rate).

Happy travels.

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