A new Pocket-lint Podcast arrives less than a week after the last - whatever next? And the team discuss this coming Friday's Red Nose Day; specifically, the Twitrelief Superfollow fund-raising drive.

Rik, Stuart and Dan also chat about the 1mm camera, GarageBand on iPad, the launch of Internet Explorer 9, and why TV just isn't the same without a live Twitter feed progressing in the background

They also run the rule over Dragon Age 2 and, dare we say it, might even disagree with the written test on this very website.

So, join the Linters for an all-new, jam-packed Pocket-lint Podcast. And let us know a) if you'd be up for what Dan suggests towards the end, and b) what you think of Stu's GarageBand jingle. And be honest.

Please send all comments and suggestions for future podcasts via the Pocket-lint feedback form. We'll read out the best of them in a future edition.

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