The whole original idea of the Internet was to share information across huge distances, for free. It's an idea that some of the Internet has clung on to, although, inevitably, it became a new playground for those who love to make money out of the rest of us.

So, sites like are always a pleasure to deal with. We told you about this a couple of years back, before it had launched. Little did we know just how far that ambitious little startup would go.

Aviary's online suite of tools puts a hugely powerful arsenal of creative weaponry at your fingertips, without you having to shell out thousands for the equivalent desktop software - you know the household names we all hear being bandied around by people with skinny jeans, pointy shoes, man bags and painfully trendy haircuts.

Oh, and they're free. That's right - this incomparable online resource won't cost you a penny.

So, regardless of what your creative urges might be, there are tools here for you to hone your skills without haemorrhaging cash while you do it.

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