This camera, produced by the clever chaps at the Fraunhofer Institute alongside image sensor company Awaiba, is hardly going to ruffle any feathers in the megapixel war - but it absolutely destroys any compact camera in terms of, er, compactness.

And that's because it is roughly the size of a grain of salt - measuring in at just 1 x 1 x 1mm. It's only 0.1-megapixels (250x250), so image quality isn't high on the agenda, but for medical procedures it could be just what the doctor ordered. Boom boom.

They're apparently incredibly cheap to make, so they're disposable (docs will probably just leave them inside us, so The Numskulls can use them for their holidays).

The microscopic cameras are coming out in 2012, but don't expect to see them on sale in Jessops.