Scary, but impressive.

That's our verdict on OneVision, the video face recognition software being shown of by Microsoft Research at its TechFest event.

The demo, a result of work by Microsoft boffins in Israel, can identify, tag and follow individuals, even in low resolution and poor lighting, and it can even handle numerous people at once.

Plus, in a second video, the team show off the pose recognition - meaning instant still images everytime someone strikes a pose (there's nothing to it).

The potential for this tech is massive. Not only could it mean home movies and camera albums being created and annotated without any manual effort, it could also be incredibly useful for TV shows, movies and sports when combined with existing metadata.

Imagine watching a film and being able to see an actor's full IMDB profile without even having to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

And we wouldn't imagine that Microsoft isn't already working at getting this tech involved with the Kinect platform too.

Amazing stuff, we're sure you'll agree.