As I get older, I find that getting anything organised with other people is getting harder and harder.

Despite all the trappings of modern living, trying to get a bunch of mates together for a night out is like herding cats. You think you’ve got everybody in the bag and then one squirts out and buggers off skiing in Chamonix, or has to do some DIY for the missus.

Yep, as you shuffle through life, scheduling anything becomes a challenge as everybody’s lives get busier.

Enter a great way to get anybody to one place at one time - just like when you organise a meeting at work. How many times have you wished all your mates were on your Exchange server? Now you don’t have to.

It’s quick, easy and, best of all, free.

You set up a poll, email the link to your chosen participants and they can say yay or nay, or offer alternatives.

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