Thinking of an exotic holiday? Come to Britain! We’ve got it all: a booming economy, famously friendly people, fabulous food, efficient public transport and, of course, our unique weather! Come and get some today!

And then there’s the “staycation” which is proving popular these days too, as people rediscover the joys of staying in the UK for their well-earned breaks. This site will help all visitors make the best of the worst of the famous British weather. Sick and tired of sunburn and heat rash? can help.

Okay, so it won’t really. This is a brilliant spoof, which is the latest round in a public spat between two travel companies -, specialising in affordable overseas holidays, and Hoseasons, a company which focuses more on staying in the UK.

It all started with a few choice words and it’s culminated in this glorious fake site which is one of the best thought-out PR stunts we’ve seen in a while.

Let it pour.

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