Adverts are annoying we know. But without advertising there would be no money generated online (not much, anyway) and therefore no Pocket-lint. Imagine that - no Pocket-lint. It's a dark thought isn't it?

So embrace the advertising we say - especially if it's as cool as the 3D immersive adverts put forward by UI specialist Cooliris.

Cooliris, in partnership with InMobi, says that it is taking "advertising to a whole new level of interactivity and consumer engagement".

The ads throw up a 3D model rendering, a camera in this example, which lets you flip and rotate the products to get a good look and also see different perspectives. You can also zoom and access additional material such as streaming video by making use of the touch commands.

The platform is currently only iPad compatible but there are plans afoot to get the system onto your iPhone or Android device.

Roll on the bikini adverts we say...