Ever wondered what those earrings you've seen online would look like dangling from your lugs? Nope, us neither - but we imagine Mrs. Pocket-lint has.

And now there's a solution, the augmented reality virtual mirror from web based retailer BoutiqueAccessories.

Not only can you try on earrings, but other jewellery options too like necklaces, bracelets, and Prince Alberts. Okay, so we made the last one up, but we suppose you could always improvise with the earring option.

It's AR at its simplest, just using your webcam and your image on the screen, and isn't likely to be the most innovative use of the technology that you'll see during Pocket-lint's AR Week, but it's a handy little service from an e-retailer thinking outside of the (jewellery) box.

For more information on what Qualcomm is doing with Augmented Reality please click: http://www.qualcomm.co.uk/products/augmented-reality