The Nintendo 3DS isn't even out yet here in the UK, or on the other side of the pond, and has only been available in Japan for a couple of days - but that hasn't stopped hackers from wielding their naughty powers on it already.

And whilst this video doesn't show a 3DS hacked to run pirated 3DS games, the fact that it's already been modded to play DS games stored on an illegal R4 flash card, surely means that copied 3DS games could be on the agenda.

It'll also no doubt mean that Nintendo will be rushing out a 3DS firmware update soon, to combat the loophole that the hackers used.

Also, in news that Nintendo will welcome - there are reports that the initial 400,000 3DS consoles that went on sale in Japan were all snapped up on launch day and that the Japanese gaming giant could shift 4 million of the 3D handhelds worldwide by the end of March.

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