WEBSITE OF THE DAY - Down for Everyone...?

Tap, tap, tap, tappity, tap, tap. Click...



Click, click, click, CLICK!

Yep, there's not many things worse in the modern world than spending your precious time trying to access a website and finding it not working. Usually this happens after you've typed in all your login details (once you've found which scrap of paper you've scribbled them on, of course).

But what if it's just you? What if your firewall is just being over zealous. Or what if your employer has tweaked the proxy settings to stop you having fun?

Or, more scary, what if the Internet has broken? What would we all do then?

How do you find out if the site is down, the world has come to an end, or whether it's something at your end?

Thankfully,  will now do the checking for you.

Type in the offending URL and it'll tell you whether the site is up and running or not.

They won’t tell you how to fix your problem, but then that’s what the Internet's for, right? Assuming you can access it...

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