APP OF THE DAY: Car Finder review (iPhone)

This week on Pocket-lint, it's all about AR, or augmented reality to give it its full name. All week we'll be bringing you the latest AR news and that includes a definite hint of AR to all of our Apps of the Day. Read on to find out about our pick of the bunch.

Car Finder (iPhone)

iOS 4.0 or later

We hate to use a cliche, but this app pretty much does what it says on the tin - it uses AR to help you find your car. We've all been there - wandering the streets muttering the words "but, I'm sure I parked it here!". Either you've been the victim of car theft or you're clearly not capable of coping with such complicated matters without the help of your mobile phone, and that's where Car Finder comes in.

This time-saving app lets you use the camera and compass to produce an AR overlay to map out the exact location of your car, showing you the direction it's in and how far away it is. You can even add a note when marking the location of your car, to make things even more idiot-proof. As well as AR view, you can also switch to a satellite map view if you prefer. What's more, Car Finder also offers parking meter timer which enables you to set a timer to remind you when the parking meter (or ticket) expires so that you won't get slapped with a parking fine.

There are lots of different car finder apps available for various platforms so it's worth shopping around, but we think that this certainly looks like one of the top picks.

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