Earlier this week we talked about min.us and how it's made sharing pictures online a lot easier, with a lot less fuss.

It would seem to be part of a trend. joindiasapora.com takes this idea of simplicity and adds a whole new level of security too. It operates like many other social networks, but allows you to group your connections together into what they call "aspects". You can then control just how much access each aspect has to what you want to share.

And this is where the simplicity comes in.  No more wading through page after page of small print and impenetrable gobbledegook to find your privacy settings. Here, it's quick, easy and direct to change the way people see your stuff.

It's in alpha testing now, so it's invite only. But sign up and you could soon be at the cutting edge of social media too.

If this is part of a trend, we like it.