APP OF THE DAY: Worksnug Pro review (iPhone)

This week on Pocket-lint is AR week and that can only mean one thing when it comes to App of the Day. We'll be running you through some of the best Augmented Reality-tinted apps around so that you can get in on the act. Today's choice cut from the world of apps if WorkSnug Pro.

WorkSnug (iPhone/BlackBerry)

iOS 3.0 or later
iTunes/BlackBerry device download

The idea behind this app is simple but effective app is to connect mobile workers to the nearest places to some work done. Anyone who works remotely will know, only too well, the panic that sets in when dashing around the streets from coffee to pub in desperate search of some Wi-Fi so that you can get on with some graft. That's where WorkSnug Pro comes in.

All you need to do is simply point the camera in front of you and the app will overlay a series of GPS-tagged pointers to tell you where the nearest work-friendly places are, whether that's coffee shops, pubs or libraries. All listed locations have been rated for their atmosphere, noise levels, power points, Wi-Fi, and crucially - the quality of the coffee. You can add your own reviews for the places you visit so that it becomes a network that's updated by the community that uses it. It even includes an integrated decibel meter so that you can take your own readings to add to your review.

It's not universal just yet, but many major cities are covered and if yours isn't, then simply sign up to and get the ball rolling.


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