APP OF THE DAY: Heads Up Navigator review (iPhone)

This week we've gone a bit AR mad, so all of our Apps of the Day have got a whiff of Augmented Reality about them. Whether it's mapping, games or Wi-Fi locators - we've got them all. This map-based offering is one of the best we've seen and one that we can actually imagine a lot of people using on a regular basis.

Heads Up Navigator (iPhone)

iOS 3.1 or later

Available for free from the iPhone store, Heads Up Navigator: 3D Augmented Reality Navigation may have a preposterously long name, but it's very useful indeed. Especially if you're the type of person that is flummoxed by even the most basic of maps. The idea is simple, the app combines Google Maps with AR, so that you can use the camera on your phone to determine where you are and which way to go. The map appears in a box in the corner of the screen and can be made bigger when you need a close look. It also rotates as you move so you know what direction you're going in.

You can set the maps to show the conventional road view or a satellite view if you want to view things in a more literal way. You can also add locations or landmarks to make it easier for you to navigate or just to make a record of memorable places.

Those using a pre-3GS iPhone or an iPod touch will find that the lack of electronic compass means that the direction you're facing can't be automatically determined. In this case, a wireframe mode is provided with arrows for manually rotating through the virtual space (it does, however, still tilt automatically as you tip the device).

If your map-reading skills leave a lot to be desired, then this is the app for you. If you prefer, you can shell out 59p for an advertisement-free version.

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