APP OF THE DAY: Tagwhat review (iPhone/Android)

As part of our Augmented Reality week, we'll be filling you in on the best AR apps around. Some are useful, some are interesting and some are just plain silly, but still great fun. Tagwhat is one of the more useful ones and even claims to be "the world's first augmented reality creation and distribution system".

Tagwhat (iPhone, Android)

iOS 3.1 or later/Android 1.6+

iTunes/Android Market

This free app gives you access to a network where you can create location-based messages and tags and add them to your personal map. This "checking in" makes the app a little like Facebook Places or Foursquare with the added advantage of augmented reality. This means that you can use the camera and the GPS to see a realtime shot of where you are, along with any info and tags that have been left by other users.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a proper network nowadays unless it was linked to Facebook and Twitter, so inevitably you'll be able to link your Tagwhat activity to your social networking profiles.

If you're using the app in a busy area - central London for example -  then you'll see plenty of tags from other users popping up on the screen. However, if you're using it somewhere slightly more remote then you might find yourself wandering the streets without seeing a single message or tag, apart from the ones that you've written yourself.

In short, if you are living in a thriving metropolis then this is a fun and useful app to have at your fingertips, but if you live in the Outer Hebrides then it might prove to be a waste of time.

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