Sharing is good. Memories, jokes, news, pictures - anything that will make your fellow man's life a bit richer is well worth sharing. And the Internet has made sharing about as easy as it's imaginable to be, hasn't it?

Apparently not, as has come along and made it even easier.

This really is an elegant example of just how simple things can be. No fuss, no frills, just a simple interface for you to share your pictures with anybody you like. You can link them through to your favourite social networks, or share them through them, and everything is slick and straightforward. You can drop your files onto the landing page and the site does the rest.

There's a whole raft of tools, including desktop apps, browser plugins and mobile versions either available now or coming very soon.

It really is that simple and we applaud it, and it could very soon be the default way for people to share their images online.

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