The Oscars are renowned for their booty bags and Sunday’s event looks to be no exception thanks to Motorola.

Keen to get some celebrity love, Motorola is gifting the hosts and nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director a limited edition gold Motorola Xoom in a custom leather envelope case.

The Motorola Xoom launched earlier in the year at CES and is the company’s first tablet, and is also expected to be the world’s first commercially available Honeycomb tablet to boot.

Due out in the US on Verzion on Thursday 24 February the 10.1-inch is hoping to take on the iPad and the iPad 2.

Will the celebrity endorsement and the gold make-over be enough? We’ll have to wait, until we start seeing stars being caught using them by the paparazzi, to find out.