Sony Ericsson 4G tablet prototype gives us a tasteful glimpse

Some photos of what could possibly be a Sony Ericsson Android 4G prototype tablet have just emerged, from mobile website NieuweMobiel.

This prototype strengthens previous rumours of Sony Ericsson working on an Android 4G tablet, and was spotted at the TDIA stand at Mobile World Congress.

Although clearly very few specs are known, the tablet is branded with the TD-LTE 4G which is used by China Mobile, and a front-facing 3-megapixel webcam. The screen looks to be around 7 inches.

It wasn't known as to whether the device was a working unit, as Slashgear is reporting that the device was shown turned off, however, interestingly, they point out that TD-LTE is being trialled in Germany, so it's possible that the Chinese won't be keeping it to themselves. It'll also need to be tweaked to 3G if it's to come to Britain.

This isn't the only Sony Ericsson device to come out of the wilds of late. We reported on a rumoured Sony tablet, the S1, of which Sony Ericsson is one of the arms supposed to be working on the device.

The two look like quite different devices - the Sony Qriocity S1 tablet is said to be a 9.4-inch, Android Honeycomb machine with Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core chip and will feature both front and rear cameras; with the traditional tablet symmetry shunned in favour of a side heavy curve that will be used for easier holding and angled typing.

However, it does lend credence that we can expect Sony Ericsson to be playing its tablet card sooner rather than later.