It would seem that nobody is ever going to be able to make commercial air travel any nicer. Yes, it's always very exciting to think about getting on a plane to somewhere new and exotic, but that actual experience is, nine times out of ten, pretty dreadful.

The endless queuing, the overpriced "food", the additional extras that turn a cheap flight into an arm and a leg and, worse than all of that, is the hour after hour of just hanging around doing nothing.

So, it's quite refreshing to finally find a flight comparison site that, at the very least, acknowledges that there are some flight experiences that are just worse than others.

At you type in the usual details - where, when etc - and then you get to choose your flights. The good bit is that you can sort by the "agony" tab, which strips away any notions of the glamour that the airlines spend millions trying to promote, and puts the red eye special firmly on top of the pile. Or you can simply tell the filter to strip them out, so a handsome price at least doesn’t persuade you to take to the skies on a plane from hell.

We like this site for its honesty and simplicity and we reckon it's the only flight search you'll ever need.

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