Whistleblowing is front and centre at the moment, thanks to a certain Australian who has grabbed the global headlines and, for one reason or another, is potentially facing a long stretch behind bars if the authorities get their way.

And all is not quite as it seems at Wikileaks. The BBC ran a documentary last night (catch it on iPlayer if you can) which took a closer look at Julian Assange and his freedom of information website.

Our lawyers have got a bit twitchy about us going into any details here, but suffice to say that one of the co-founders of Wikileaks has decided to start up on his own at openleaks.org.

This is a bit like a whisteblowing reboot. They’re going back to square one and starting things off in a way that no one person, or relatively small group of people, can hold all the power or responsibility.

It’s in alpha stage right now, which means they’re currently looking for people they can trust to participate in the project. There’s not much else to see, beyond their ambitious statement of intentions and quite a lot about their ethos, but this could well be a site which makes its own waves in future.

Watch this space…

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