What do you get if you cross a Vegas hotel room, ungodly hours, the Phantom High Speed Digital Cinema Flex camera, professional cameraman Tom Guilmette and some everyday objects?

Some pretty amazing, mind-blowing footage, that's what.

Shot in his room at the Palms hotel in Vegas between 2am and 6am, Guilmette had possession of the super camera as a result of his work on the World Championships of Ping Pong for Fox.

"I was careful with the Phantom Flex," he states though, via his blog. "I was sure not to tell anyone where I was using it on Twitter or on other social media. There are only a handful of these cameras in the world but fortunately many people do not even know what a Phantom is."

More people will do now though, as this video is bound to go viral.

Who knew a tap could be so cool?