Mobile World Congress 2011 kicks-off tonight with announcements coming from Samsung and Sony Ericsson as they launch their new devices. We’re on the ground in a sunny Barcelona to bring you all the action as it unpacks.

If you’ve been following the news here on Pocket-lint, you’d probably think that MWC is nearly finished, thanks to all the leaks and early announcements - we’ve published 70 stories on MWC 2011 already.

We know that the Samsung Unpacked event is launching the Galaxy S 2 and the Galaxy Tab 2. The Samsung Wave launched on its Bada platform this time last year - are we going to be seeing a new flagship Wave device tonight as well? 

Sony Ericsson has impressed us with the Xperia Arc, launched at CES in Las Vegas, and it's publicly teased the PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play. What else will compliment its fight-back in 2011? Will it surprise us with a hitherto unmentioned device?

Then we’ve got LG, flashing its Optimus Pad and Optimus 3D, LG literally can’t wait to share the Optimus love in Barcelona. Will 3D really work on a mobile device?

HTC has seen meteoric growth over the past 2 years. Does it have the momentum to keep it up? We’ve seen the leaks, but we have to wait 'till Tuesday to get all the details. Will its Facebook phone emerge? Can it compete with the new INQ Cloud Touch also being shown off in Barcelona?

ZTE and Huawei are here, what will they have in store, will we see breakthrough devices from them this year? Motorola hit CES 2011 in a big way, will we see anything new from it? Perhaps playtime with a fully operational Honeycomb Motorola Xoom will be exciting enough.

What impact will the Nokia and Microsoft venture have? With so much focus on Android, will Windows Phone 7 even get a look-in? Microsoft has plastered posters over its usual conference spot - what is there left to say? 

Will BlackBerry confirm its leaked roadmap? Will it pin down the details on its PlayBook? Posters around the conference venue suggest so.

And all that’s before we get to operator announcements, new technologies, new services and accessories.

There are questions to answer, rumours to confirm and myths to dispel; we will show you the hardware you’ll be lusting after for the next year, and bringing you our first impressions on all these exciting developments, once we’ve had the chance to play with everything.

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