Despite what some of our teachers used to say, we've spoken English all our lives. That’s more years than we’d care to think about right now, but our point is that it’s quite a long time. And in all that time weI’ve come across quite a few words. Thousands of them, in fact. Most of them we even know what they mean.

But the funny thing is, we’ve got no idea how to say quite a few of them. It’s one of those awkward moments in life, when you know what the word is that you want to use, but you stop short because you’re not 100 per cent sure how it’s pronounced.

Ethereal is one of mine. Hyperbole is another.

So instead of displaying your vocabulary, you end up mumbling some inadequate alternative and mentally kick yourself for not having learnt how to say it properly.

So is the perfect place to come when you find yourself in that situation.

Sort of a Speak‘n’Spell for the iPod generation.

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