VIDEO: LG G-Slate/Optimus Pad detailed

We're pretty sure that the G-Slate (which has already been detailed and re-branded by T-Mobile in the States) will hit the rest of the world as the LG Optimus Pad after a MWC reveal, and we're pretty up to date with all of its specs and features.

But we haven't yet seen the 3D cameras in action yet - and, despite the demo in this video we think that we probably still haven't.

We mean, anaglyphic 3D playback - surely not? The only time we put on our red and cyan specs (which we saved from a Coco-Pops packet in 1989) is to do some research on YouPorn and its ever growing 3D platform.

We're hoping that it's just an image edited in after for effect - we're hoping for something a bit more modern after all.

We'll be getting our mitts on the Optimus Pad/G-Slate over in Barcelona at MWC and we'll, of course, report back our findings. We'll stick our Coco-Pops 3D specs in our pocket just in case.