Remember back in the day, when the Yellow Pages was a massive tome that a work experience lad left on your doorstep in the rain every so often, and J. R. Hartley was searching for his Fly Fishing book? Well, so does Yell, who has updated the concept, with a nod at the original, to promote its iPhone application.

Technology and formats have moved on dramatically since the original advert appeared in 1983, and Yell has embraced each emerging media, whether it be online or apps, Hence, the company has remade its most iconic commercial, this time swapping J. R. Hartley for Day V Lately, and Fly Fishing for a trance mix 12-inch record called Pulse & Thunder.

To go along with the ad, Yell has also undertaken a subtle viral campaign, including listings on music sites such as, detailing Pulse & Thunder as a real record.

It's all good fun, but we still think the original is better. Rose-tinted specs and that.

What old advert would you like to see remade with modern technology? Let us know in the comments below...