When we were contemplating going to university, it was seen as many things:

A good idea (by parents, teachers and grown-ups in general)

A great opportunity (by parents, teachers and fellow red-blooded, hormone-engorged teenagers).

A head start in life (just about everybody).

It was even seen as an easy ride by those of our mates who went straight into steady jobs with regular paychecks.

What it wasn’t seen as was a surefire way to spend the next decade of our working lives paying back an enormous amount of money - just for the privilege of going to uni.

But that is exactly what it’s seen as now. Tuition fees have risen to startling levels over the past few years, so it’s not surprising that sites like thebookpond.com have sprung up,

It’s a way for students to sell on their textbooks and recoup some of the cash they’ve laid out for essential reading.

They don’t charge commission, so you get more of your money back and you can list your books by university, so prospective buyers can get to what they need quickly.

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