When we first stumbled across this 9-second video on the HP Palm website, we have to admit that our first thought was slightly "meh".

We couldn't really tell what was on show and it all looked a bit naff. But now it's inside our head, chewing away at every fabric of our being. We need to know what it is, we must know what it is.

So that's why we're bringing it to the attention of you, the ever attentive, Pocket-lint readers - for a bit of group therapy. Maybe together we can crack the case of the mysterious HP Palm device.

Now, it appears on a teaser page with a countdown and the words:

"Think big. Think small. Think ahead. Think beyond. webOS. The future revealed in..."

So it's a countdown to the HP event on 9 February, we know that. And we also know that HP/Palm will launch a 9-inch webOS tablet codenamed Topaz, and a 7-inch webOS tablet labelled Opal.

Could it be one of them?

Looks a bit small we think. Maybe it's the rumoured Palm Mansion smartphone - a supposed webOS 2.0 smartphone with a 5-inch screen.

Surely, someone out there can tell what it is? If so, please do tell and put us out of our misery.

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