Doctor Who is big business these days, for young and old, and we've seen all manner of tied-in merchandise at Pocket-lint, from Lego-style minifigs to a Wiimote in the shape of The Doctor's trademark Sonic Screwdriver. However, none have been quite so bonkers, yet cunningly brilliant as Kids@Play's Ride-in Dalek.

Styled like the refreshed meanies from the last series, in the same multicoloured options, the Ride-in Daleks are each made of a mixture of ballistic nylon/laminated rubberised polyvinyl. That means they are soft and protective of the child inside, plus they can be inflated easily, or deflated when not in use.

Each Dalek runs on a 6v battery-powered motor, and gives 360-degree steering and a maximum speed of 3km per hour. The battery is also rechargeable.

But the best bit is that there are 10 Dalek phrases the operator can enact at a push of a button on the driving wheel. Naturally, all the classics are there, such as "Exterminate", "Obey the Daleks, obey without question", and "The lady's not for turning"... What's that you say? That last one was Margaret Thatcher? Darn, we're always getting those mixed up.

Anyhow, the bad news for adult Doctor Who fans is that the Ride-in Dalek is strictly for children 3- to 6-years-old, as it can only take a maximum weight of 30kg. And, to be honest, as it has just been shown for the very first time, we're not entirely sure when it will hit the shops or how much it'll cost. You should keep watch on the manufacturer's site at

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