On Tuesday LG went and got all official, confirming that it will be showing off "the world's first full 3D smartphone" at Mobile World Congress.

And now, it has released this (very over the top) teaser video to the world, which seems to show off the LG Optimus 3D in all of its glory.....or does it?

Despite the video claiming that the phone will surprise people as it is "an entirely new level of dual-core smartphone" and that it is "the world's first dual-core multi-channel" phone, it doesn't quite match up with Tuesday's press release which read:

"The LG Optimus 3D addresses the lack of 3D content issue - one of the biggest problems facing the 3D market - with a complete platform for a one-of-a-kind experience on a mobile device. LG’s most advanced smartphone to date will feature a dual-lens camera for 3D recording, a glasses-free LCD panel for 3D viewing and diverse connectivity options such as HDMI and DLNA for 3D content sharing anytime, anywhere."

Can you see the dual-lens camera on the back? Because we certainly can't.

Chances are, LG has rushed the teaser vid out using a prototype before the finalised device was constructed, in the hope that geeks like us wouldn't analyse every single frame.

Ah LG, you underestimate our pedantry for detail.....and the amount of time we have on our hands.

Pocket-lint will, of course, be over in Barcelona at MWC 2011 in full force so be sure to check back for all the Optimus 3D news then.